The power of meditation


The power of meditation helps you to relax your mind, body, and soul. You just need to look at the ability of meditation to soothe your body mechanism from a different point of view. Moreover, meditation also helps you to bring peaceful sensation to your mind. However, you must remember that it will take quite a long practice to reap the real benefit of meditation for relaxation.

Within a few days of practice, the benefit that will be evident to you is a body mechanism that is more relaxed and flexible. Such result is clear firstly because you need to take a deep breath at the time of meditation. Breathing deep has the benefit of supplying more oxygen to your tensed muscles. Moreover, every time you take a deep breath, you fill your lungs with a higher amount of oxygen than you usually inhale. As a result, your blood stream is flooded with oxygen that helps a healthy supply of energy throughout you body. You also sit calm at the time of meditation and consume less oxygen than your average rate. In this way, meditation facilitates a better body metabolism that eventually helps to achieve an internal hormonal balance.

After the body is adjusted to the rejuvenated source of refreshing energy, you can also feel some changes in your mental well-being. Concentration is at the core of meditation. When you meditate, you need to focus on something that is usually a positive thought or picture or whatsoever. To put differently, you withdraw your mind from your current thoughts which are the main causes of your stress. So, in a way, meditation directly releases your stress. As you begin to have a better blood circulation and hormonal balance, your sensory organs also begin to function in a better way. Lastly, all these changes will automatically bring in a physical condition that will enhance your experience of sound and soothing sleep.

Overall, by practicing meditation regularly, by converting your mind more towards your inner self, you improve your feeling of self-consciousness. Being more self-conscious means the improved ability to think more about you in a positive manner. Positive thinking is something that will lead you to a positive outcome. If your life is full of positive things, there is obviously no reason to be stressed out. As your perspective about everything turns positive day by day, you begin to feel more tied up with the people around you. You will then be blessed with meaningful relationships within your family as well as in the community you belong to. In a few days, you will notice a positive change in others attitude towards you.


My name is Mercy and as a working therapist, I treat a lot of people with back pains every day. The number of people I massage so as to reduce back pain has increased over the years as more healthcare practitioners are recognizing that massage helps reduce and heal back pains and are therefore advising the patients to undergo this kind of therapy.

Massage helps improve blood circulation, increasing the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the back muscles. This helps the muscles recover from soreness and soft tissue injury, enabling them to heal fast.

It helps relieve the tension in the back muscles ,helping them improve their motion range. This in turn helps in reducing muscle strains and improve their flexibility hence reduce pain.The relaxation also helps prevent other back-related ailments such as insomnia and posture.

I also recommend massage for lower back pain because it leads to an increase in increased endorphin level in the body, which help improve the mental well being of the patient by reducing depression and anxiety. This in turn will help in the management of chronic back pain.

However, although massage therapy is known to be relatively safe, I advice patients who come for the services to first consult a doctor to so as to obtain a diagnosis for the back pain cause and prevent some of the contradictions that may occur due to rashes, unhealed wound, recent surgery and varicose veins.

As seen above, it is very important for anybody suffering from back pain to pursue massage when undergoing medical treatment since it will help your back tremendously.

How Therapeutic Massage Aids to Relieve Stress

Contrary to what others may think, getting a massage is more than just a luxury or a feel good experience. It is a means to relieve everyday stress, which can often lead to a number of health issues. It is important to learn how to cope with stress before it gets any worse, and one of the best techniques to combat this is through a massage therapy.

About Stress: 

Stress is the way our body responds to a demand, whether it is physical or emotional. Every individual experience stress in one way or another, and its levels increase at certain times. The truth is that our ability to react to stressful situations and manage them is critical to our survival. Nevertheless, when a person undergoes long-term stress due to circumstances such as family concerns, work-related problems, and financial issues, he/she may experience harmful effects on different systems of the body like the reproductive system, immune system, cardiovascular system and endocrine system, among others. If left unattended, stress can completely wreak havoc in one’s life. If recommend this massage to your home in Stockwell.

What Is Therapeutic Massage? 

This is a kind of technique, which involves a manual manipulation of soft body tissues like the tendons, ligaments, muscles, and connective tissues to improve a person’s health and overall well-being. It’s often referred to as the medicine of the mind and body due to its effectiveness. There are numerous reasons why people opt for a therapeutic massage, and these include the following: to relax their muscles, reduce anxiety and stress, reduce pain, and to recover from injuries.

One of the major benefits given by a therapeutic massage is stress relief, which happens to be an important element in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Therapeutic massage is no longer about addressing injuries and pains from an accident only. According to proven clinical studies, even a 1 ? hour session can lower the heart rate plus levels of cortisol (stress hormones) and insulin. All these contribute to stress relief, which in turn, gives renewed vitality and an improved state of mind.

Massage facilitates circulation as applied pressure moves blood all through the congested areas. When this same pressure is minimized, some new blood will flow in.

The pulling and squeezing in a massage flushes lactic acid coming from the muscles, improving the circulation of the lymphatic fluid, which transports the metabolic waste away from the internal organs muscles. This results to a lower blood pressure and improved functions of the body.

Tense muscles and pain, whether caused by repetitive movements, a poor posture or being overweight, can be addressed with a therapeutic massage. It promotes blood flow to these muscles, pumping more oxygen and nutrients. This relaxes tense muscles, reduces swelling, and increases flexibility to rid one of pain. Massage therapy, likewise, releases endorphins and boosts serotonin and dopamine, which are hormones that your body produces to let you feel good, calm nerves, and manage pain.

Though stress is a part of life, this can be relieved through a massage therapy. As it stretches and loosens the muscle fibers, it allows blood circulation that creates a sense of well-being. Try more massage sessions to see your feel-good hormones take an up-surge.